Everbuild 501 PVA Bond
4th January 2012
Everbuild 202 Integral Liquid Waterproofer
4th January 2012
This compact sized smoke alarm is designed to offer protection to the family and home from the dangers of smoke and fire.
This alarm includes the hush button feature to enable nuisance alarms (such as those caused by cooking or steam) to be temporarily silenced.
Compact design.
Small 4” alarm – designed to look good anywhere in the home.
Battery operated.
9V battery included as standard.
Hush feature.
Allows the temporarily silencing of ‘nuisance alarms’ (i.e. those caused by cooking or steam).
Test / Reset Button.
Allows regular testing to verify that the alarm is fully operational.
Loud 85 decibel alarm.
Designed to alert you of danger even whilst you sleep.
3 year alarm warranty.
For your added peace of mind and reassurance.